is the 3rd, and latest, incarnation of the Visionary Ensemble by

composer and artistic director Martin Case.  

Based in Melbourne, Australia, and inspired by the work stateside with Visionary, the ensemble has expanded with trumpeter Peter McNeil, guitarist Daniel Lee,  bassist Chip Willman, keyboardist Tim Wotherspoon and drummer Sam Ausilio.  Visionary-Steel is a live ensemble whose intent is to provide audio landscapes that are thoughtful, sensuous, elegant and danceable for stage, club, public and private events. 

"Saxophones and flutes, the sounds of kora, guitar, and the piano, combined with bass rhythms from around the world-Visionary-Steel.” 



Martin Case - Tenor and Soprano Saxophones, Keyboards, West African Percussion

John Oh-Guitar

Tim Wotherspoon-Keyboards

Chip Willman-Bass

Sam Ausilio-Drums, West African Percussion


Having completed a three-month residency at Vault, in Melbourne, Australia, Visionary Steel is going in the studio, with a release date of the 5th of May,  2018.  Continuing with their live performance, Visionary Steel will be performing outdoors the first Sunday of every month at Cherry Lake, in Altona, Melbourne, Australia.  


For more information, our mailing list, and current performance schedule, click here.