Turn-Martin Case and The Lee Collective

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Turn-Martin Case and The Lee Collective

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Turn Composer Martin Case introduces Turn, combining the worlds of acoustic and electronic sounds (electro-acoustic hybrid), with genres from modern classical, jazz and world influences. The track Ellen’s Coming, featuring Ellen Tipper on Vocals, is nothing short of breathtaking. From his soon-to-be jazz standard “Layers of Leisure” to the reproduction of Aaron Copland’s work “The World Feels Dusty” , from keyboard to mbira, Mr Case demonstrates our world’s Turn in the road. 



Ellen Tipper I say, If you (could hear), Marketplace, The World Feels Dusty, 12.1.99, Turn, The Soul is Marching Upward, Conversation with Jacquetta.

Rebekah Skirball Mbira.

Jay LeBlanc Adrina, LeBlanc.

Aragorn Wiederhold The Soul is Marching Upward


Aragorn Wiederhold They Broke Down, The Soul is Marching Upward, I Can Hear.


Alex Smith November.

Ben Zecker-The World Feels Dusty.


Aragorn Wiederhold Mbira.


Derek Swenson-Mbira.

All other instruments and vocals

Martin Case


Oliver Hammerle

Chris Westerman

Martin Case


Brian Diescher

Layout and Typesetting

Alex Johnson

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Thank You for the joy, energy, and drive to manifest this work.

Special Thanks

Ellen Tipper, Rebekah Skirball, Sue Howard, Alex Johnson, Bob Johnson, Oliver Hammerle, and Aragorn Wiederhold.

All music composed by Martin Case excepting “The World Feels Dusty”, music by Aaron Copeland, poem by Emily Dickenson.